Ep 69 Are You There God? It’s Me, Your Intuition

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What are your beliefs around intuition? How does it appear in your life?

In this podcast, Jen shares her belief about intuition and how her journey in discovering and owning her intuition. She shares the definition of intuition, the types of intuition, and how each type manifests in a person. She ties in the conversation last week around a way that we can shut off our intuition because we don’t understand it. She also shares why intuition is about surrender and how intuition appears as the voice of the holy spirit. The more connected we are to Grace, God, the Divine Source, the more we trust and allow our intuition to guide our lives.

Would you like to know more about intuition, God and unity? Then listen in and enjoy!

Key Points to Learn:
- What is Intuition?
- Why is Intuition misunderstood?
- The 4 types of intuition.
- Why the path to intuition is surrender and unity.

Show Notes:
(0:30) What is Jen’s intention for this podcast and what inspired her for this podcast?
(1:35) Why is it hard to understand intuition?
(3:25) Jen’s questions on how we see ourselves.
(4:50) What is intuition?
(5:40) The four types of intuition.
(7:20) What are local and non-local intuition?
(9:00) Jen shares her journey as an intuitive person.
(12:40) How Jen’s curiosity helps her decide on how she’ll treat her children’s gifts.
(15:45) How Jen got into the path of complete surrender.
(19:30) Jen’s thoughts on separation between God and intuition.
(21:35) What do we truly need in these times?

(2:10) “We are all born with intuition and it’s a natural part of who we are.”
(6:30) “When you have the feeling that something is not right, it’s not a place of fear but from a place of clarity.”
(10:35) “We all have the abilities to be intuitive and we are connected to one another.”
(18:15) “The truth that we receive through our intuition is God, is truth, is clarity and unconditional love.”
(18:25) “Intuition is never from a place of fear, hate or judgement. It comes from unconditional love and when we’re not trying.”
(23:12) “When we see ourselves in unity and not separate, then we can be all knowing, all loving, all receiving, all giving. Because we are in love, not in fear and not judging.”
(23:55) “Our intuition is the voice of God because it is the voice of our highest self, the highest expression of who we are.”

Links Mentioned:

The Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/embodiedhealingandempoweredliving/
Jen Mons Website: https://www.jenmons.com/
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